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Cheating on my diet.. Bad idea

Red Robin logoThis week we had a going away for one of our friends who’s being reassigned to Colorado Springs.  We went to Red Robin, which all the guys love, but is not particularly No Food-friendly.  I researched their menu online and found out I could get the cobb salad, with no chicken, no bacon, no blue cheese, no bread and no dressing and still be true to the No Food Diet.

Of course, the first time they brought out the salad, it was covered with chicken and accompanied by bread, so I sent it back. It came back out fairly quickly (which is good because we were starving after waiting for 45 minutes for our food), and with a litle olive oil, lemon and salt, it was quite good.

But then we got to the gift-giving and speech-making part of the lunch, and Matt’s uneaten fries were just sitting there, looking at me.  I have to admit, even though I inhaled my entire salad, I was still a bit hungry and I thought one fry wouldn’t hurt.  It was just potato, right?  I mean, yeah, it’s nothing but carbs, but it’s not a grain, right.  It’s a vegetable, so it should all be ok.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that is the first step down a path towards calamity.

So one fry, sprinkled with dextrose-laden Red Robin special spices and dipped in corn-syrup heavy ketchup, led to another, and half a basket of delicious fries later, I was done, the basket empty, my stomach unhappy.

Not a good move.

I had that kind of nauseous full feeling that afternoon, and the next day the fries still sat in my stomach, feeling heavy and bloaty.  My physical therapist asked me what I ate to cause such a backslide, because I had been doing pretty well for the past few months since starting this diet.  My answer: no more potatoes for me.

Potatoes:  a definite 0/5 happy monkeys.


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