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My Favorite Green Smoothie

Fav Green Smoothie

I make this pretty much every morning.  Or at least every morning until I run out of the ingredients, and then I make random other vegetable smoothies with whatever I happen to have in my fridge. But this particular combo is definitely my favorite green smoothie of all that I’ve tried–it tastes so refreshing.  In fact, I’m drinking it right now as I type this post.  A huge 5/5 happy monkeys.

For greens for this smoothie, I like to use (from most to least favorite): romaine/butter lettuce, green/red leaf lettuce, bok choy, spinach, kale. Don’t use mustard greens or dandalion greens–I’ve already made that mistake! Eeek!

Also, if you didn’t bother to go to the farmer’s market, buy 10 pounds of cucumbers and freeze them (the way I did last week), then you can use fresh and just throw in a few ice cubes for good measure.


Frozen Cucumbers
Fresh Mint
Young coconut water
Young coconut flesh


Throw all ingredients in vita mix with a little water. Mix, pour and enjoy!


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All-Vegetable Green Smoothie

All Veg Smoothie in the makeI loved my first green smoothies, but after four months of being sugar-free, I couldn’t really handle all that fruit. I’m really sensitive to sugar now, so they tasted overly sweet and gave me a crazy sugar rush. I was jumping and jittery for hours after drinking. So I set out to make a simple all-vegetable green smoothie. I’m quite pleased with the results. It tastes fresh and cool, and is a great way to start my morning.


1 large cucumber
4 lacinato kale leaves
handful frozen pepper strips (red, yellow and green)
half an avocado
juice of one lemon
few springs rosemary
teaspoon powdered ginger
3 ice cubes
cold water as needed

Throw in blender and blend away! This recipe either makes one very large smoothie or two smaller ones. It keeps in the fridge really well, so you can drink half the first day and put the rest in the fridge so breakfast is all ready for tomorrow.

I give this a 5/5 happy monkeys and can’t wait to make it again.

Next time: I think I’ll use a whole red pepper instead of frozen.  Also, I’d like to peel and de-seed the lemon then throw the whole thing in so I can get all that great pulp. I’m a big believer in blending, as opposed to juicing, so you get the benefits of the whole food. I’d also like to get a Vita-Mix so the blending is easier. Unfortunately, I don’t think my husband agrees we need to spend $500 on a new blender right now, seeing as how we already have two!

Also, Pamela Reilly at Rawvolutionary Healing has some yummy looking all-veg green smoothie recipes.  I didn’t have all the ingredients to make any of her smoothies, but hopefully I can pick some up next time I go shopping.  Check out her recipes and tips here and here.

Update: Made this with the whole red pepper and peeled lemon as I wanted to above, and it is delicious.  Without the frozen veg, you have to add more ice, maybe six cubes instead of three, because ice is what gives smoothies their essential “smoothieness.”  I also added lots and lots of powdered ginger.  I’ve had this four times now and I crave it daily.  I went camping this weekend, so I couldn’t make my morning smoothie, and boy did I miss it!


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My First Green Smoothie

My First Green Smoothie

As I was slurping down the delicious smoothie pictured at right, my husband asked me if I was planning on blogging about it.  Because if I was, I had better take a breather to take a picture.  Good thing he reminded me, or else I might have had to post a picture of an empty glass.  As you can see, it was already half empty!

Needless to say, my first green smoothie gets a strong 5/5 happy monkeys!

For all you that have yet to drink the raw kool-aid, let me tell you, it’s a lot yummier than it looks.  I know the green is a scary color, but the taste of the kale is pretty much drowned out by the strong sugary taste of the fruit.  It’s like a regular smoothie, only healthier and, well, more vibrantly colored.  Nothing to be afraid of.

It was delicious and a huge energy boost but I got such a hyper headrush from drinking the first half that I decided to put the rest in the fridge for later.  Here I am, 3 hours later, still wired.  Next time, I think I will use less fruit, more veg.  Too much sugar doesn’t agree with me.

My banana-mango-lemon-kale smoothie recipe:


– 1 banana
– equal amount frozen mango
– 3 good-sized lacinato kale leaves
– juice from half a lemon


Blend fruit first, then add kale, one leaf at a time until you’ve maxed out your veggie taste.  Slurp and enjoy!


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