Quick and Easy Pumpkin Soup!

This soup came together in a heartbeat when I didn’t have much time to make lunch.  All it took was some previously pureed roasted pumpkin, a can of organic bpa-free coconut milk, vegetable stock and a liberal hand with the spices. A quick and easy 4/5 Happy Monkeys, and a recipe that is completely of my own devising to boot!

– 1 cup pumpkin puree
– 1 can organic, bpa-free coconut milk
– 2 to 3 cups vegetable stock
– sea salt and black pepper to taste
– powdered spices to taste (ginger, cumin, coriander, onion and red pepper flakes or powdered cayenne pepper)

Notes on the ingredients:
– I only used one cup of pumpkin puree because that was all I had but it would probably be even better with more.
– Make sure to use Native Forest coconut milk; it is the only BPA-free brand of coconut milk that I know of. If you weren’t aware, the lining of almost all canned goods contains BPA. There are some exceptions such as Eden Organics Beans and Native Forest that are BPA-free, but they are in the minority.
– I didn’t measure any of this when I was doing it, so just keep adding spices and tasting until it tastes spicy and yummy. If I had to guess the amounts of the spices, I would say I used almost a tablespoon of ginger, just a shake of cumin, 2-3 shakes of coriander, 2 liberal shakes of black pepper, 2 shakes of red pepper flakes and a bunch of powdered onion and salt. I feel like I just invented a measurement for spices – the “shake.” 🙂

For the pumpkin puree, I used a new method that I really like: wash and rub the pumpkin with olive oil, then stab it a few times.  Throw it in the oven at 400 degrees for about an hour.  Let it cool and then cut it open, scoop out the inside and peel off the skin.  The skin just falls off in your hands using this method.  I love it! Then just throw the pumpkin pieces in the food processor and blend them up a bit until they are the consistency of puree.  Perfect!

I did the pumpkin puree yesterday and just took it out of the fridge for this recipe.

For the soup, just heat everything together in a medium soup pot over medium heat and stir to combine. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Next time: I really liked this a lot. If I make any changes, I’ll increase the ratio of pumpkin and stock to coconut milk. I used full fat coconut milk so it was really rich.  Also, next time I roast a pumpkin, I’ll try to save the seeds and roast them in some spices later.

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