More Pizza! Raw Pizza Margherita

This raw pizza margherita is an easy follow-on to my last pizza recipe (Raw “Pizza Supreme”).  I used the same crust and cheese and just added some fresh tomatoes, dill and basil.  What could be easier?  Also for this one, I didn’t dehydrate it because I wanted that fresh flavor.  Instead, I just took the crust and cheese out of the fridge a little early so they could warm up to room temperature.  This recipe get a 4/5 Happy Monkeys, only because it is simpler and is missing the complexity that the sausage brings to the Pizza Supreme.  Still very delicious though! Unfortunately, the buckwheat bothered my stomach, but this could easily be done with an almond-based crust, or even just some raw crackers.

One pizza crust (I used the Buckwheat Crust from naomipoe in the Raw Freedom Community forums)
Some delish raw cashew cheese that I posted last year.
Fresh tomatoes, dill and basil

To make the pizzas:
Spread the delish cashew cheese thickly on the crust.  Top with fresh dill, sliced fresh tomatoes and fresh basil.  Eat and enjoy!

Next time: I will make this with a non-buckwheat crust in order to keep my tummy happy.


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