Raw Mushroom “Loaf” Stuffed Tomatoes

Mmmm…. this was absolutely delicious, as well as super easy.  I scooped out the inside of a plump, juicy heirloom tomato and stuffed it with the mushroom “loaf” recipe from Alissa Cohen.  Then I threw the scooped out tomato bits in the vita mix with some basil, salt, olive oil, cayenne and garlic to make a quick sauce.  I poured the sauce on top and voila – delish!

I give these a strong 4/5 happy monkeys because they’re super easy and yummy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a pic because I was hungry and tired, and, quite honestly, it didn’t look so beautiful with the sauce over it.  My heirloom tomato was pretty yellow so once mixed in the vita mix, the sauce was fairly gray looking. If you want to serve these to company, I recommend serving the sauce on the side for aesthetic purposes.

This particular version was blended into oblivion by my vita mix. I prefer it to be more chunky and less of a smooth pate or dip. I definitely don’t recommend the vita mix for this one, but I had broken my food processor so I didn’t have a lot of options. Unfortunately, with the vita mix, this is no longer a “quick and easy” recipe, but instead a descent into frustration. When I first bought the vita mix, I thought it was the be all and end all of kitchen implements and that it would make all other equipment obsolete, but that is in fact not the case. A food processor is still very, very necessary.

Note: This makes a lot more mushroom loaf than is needed just for one tomato.  You can stuff more tomatoes or keep the leftover “loaf” for use in wraps, salads, etc.  It is delicious on its own as well.


Mushroom “Loaf”

3 cups mushrooms (portabello or crimini)
2 cups walnuts
2 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
1/4 tsp marjoram (italian seasoning or oregano works great too)
1/4 tbsp fresh rosemary
1/4 tbsp sea salt

Tomato & Sauce

1 largish tomato
Basil, olive oil, garlic, sea salt, cayenne to taste


Blend everything but the tomato in a food processor.

Scoop out the inside of a tomato and stuff it with the mushroom “loaf.” Throw the scooped out part in the vita mix with some basil, salt, olive oil, cayenne and garlic to make a quick sauce.

Serve the stuffed tomato with the sauce on the side. Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Raw Mushroom “Loaf” Stuffed Tomatoes

  1. Marci

    With 3 cups of mushroom and 2 cups of walnuts, doesn’t this make a ton of “loaf”? Or does it compact down when processed?

    • Magdalena

      It’s been awhile since I made it, but yes, it makes a good bit. There are lots of leftovers after using stuffing the tomato. It’s great in wraps, salads, etc. Maybe I should clarify in my post. Thanks!

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