Sonny’s Bibimbap


When I was in Colorado Springs recently, my friend Sonny made this delicious, traditional Korean dinner just for me.  It’s what I always order when we go out for Korean food.  Yes, I know it’s cooked and it has rice, thus breaking the rules, but it was delicious nonetheless!

I don’t have the exact recipe she used for the bibimbap, but it was brown rice with poached egg, julienned carrots and cucumber, and spinach sauteed with garlic.  I topped it off with tamari.  Delish.

She also made a fantastic raw cold Korean cucumber soup with an apple cider vinegar broth filled with thin cucumber and green onion slices.  Raw and refreshing!

Maybe one day when I figure out how to have guest authors on this blog, Sonny can post the actual recipes for me.  🙂

Overall, a big 4/5 happy monkeys for this lovely meal.


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