Raw Arugula and Pesto Salad–so simple yet so fantastic!

Raw Arugula Salad

Some days I’ll be bummed out about being raw and hungry, sick of eating the same old foods and tired of constantly preparing foods for myself.  Yesterday was one of those days.  But instead of making myself a big plate of scrambled eggs with broccoli and flax seed oil (which I was greatly tempted to do), I pulled some veg out of the fridge and made myself this simple and delicious salad.

All of a sudden I went from hating the raw diet to feeling blessed that something this easy and good for you could be so tasty. This is something I would love to make over and over, raw or not. This salad gets a grateful 5/5 happy monkeys for turning around my mood!


Few handfuls arugula
1 tomato
1 avocado
Flax seed oil
Sea salt


Chop tomato and avocado and place on a bed of arugula. Dab with pesto and sprinkle liberally with flax seed oil and sea salt. Enjoy!


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