Raw Hummus

Raw Hummus

I picked up some chickpea sprouts at the farmer’s market, so I decided to try making raw hummus based on the recipe in Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food book.

I give this a 3/5 happy monkeys.  It was ok but it was too starchy for me, not smooth enough.  Perhaps adding more oil would help, but I think the raw chickpeas just might not break down very well.  I even soaked them for a while before I made this but it didn’t really seem to help much.  I think I’d rather try making hummus out of almonds or zucchini, or just stick to cooked hummus.


– 1 cup sprouted chickpeas
– 1/3 cup ground sesame seeds
– 1/4 cup onion
– 1/3 cup olive oil
– 1/4 cup lemon peeled
– handful basil
– 2 cloves garlic
– sea salt to taste


Throw it all in the food processor and process away!


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