I Love Cabbage!

Raw Cabbage Salad

Shocker!  I know! But it it’s true.  The other night, my fridge was almost empty so I had to dig around for something, anything raw to eat for dinner.  I found the round ball of cabbage my mom had bought at the farmers’ market rolling around the back, but I can’t say I was too excited to have it for dinner.  I’ve never thought of cabbage as anything too enjoyable, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I decided to make “I Can’t Believe It’s Just Cabbage” from Victoria Boutenko’s book 12 Steps to Raw Food (since I didn’t have any ingredients for anything else), but I was pretty sure I was going to hate it.  I haven’t had much (read: any) luck with any of the recipes from this book (which, by the way, I may refer to often in this blog, but I definitely don’t recommend buying), so I had extremely low expectations.  I definitely expected I would easily believe it was just cabbage.

However, much to my surprise and delight, once I had sprinkled on some olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt, it was pretty delicious.  I added some fresh ground pepper, dulse flakes (fantastic for iodine & thyroid health) and grated radishes and boy was it good!  It was so good that I ate the whole dang cabbage by lunch the next day.  Although I think I have to eat this in moderation next time to let my tummy adjust.

This morning I made a variation with red cabbage and fresh homegrown alfalfa sprouts for breakfast–double yum!  One of the fun things about the No Food Diet is that I end up trying things I never would have tried otherwise, and it’s such a treat to find new foods that I love.  Cabbage gets a shocking 5/5 happy monkeys in my book!


– Cabbage
– Olive oil
– Lemon juice
– Sea salt
– Dulse flakes and black pepper to taste
– Optional: grated radishes or fresh sprouts


Cut up cabbage by hand or process in food processor, add grated radish or fresh sprouts, drizzle with olive oil and lemon, sprinkle with sea salt, dulse flakes and black pepper. Enjoy!

Next time: I like this best fresh, or at least fresher than leaving it sitting out all night on the counter (by accident!). Although it’s still good then, it does wilt a little if you leave it out for too long.


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