Raw Kelp Noodles with Mushroom Marinara

Kelp Noodles with Mushroom Marinara

Did I mention kelp noodles rock my world?  Yeah, I thought I might have.

But what’s even more impressive is that when I went back home for a business trip, my whole family loved this dish too–mom, brothers, sister, everybody.  And these folks are not raw foodies, so that’s saying something.

It is so easy to make too!   I literally made this at 7 in the morning before I jumped on a cross-country flight, it marinated while traversing the skies and when I arrived in Boston, everyone was clammering for a bite.  I think they would have eaten it all if they weren’t concerned about devouring my dinner before I got any.  This gets 5/5 happy monkeys from me and the fam!

This dish is best when it gets to sit and marinate, but for a quick fix, if you are not so concerned about it being raw, you can heat it up over the stove for a few minutes and it will soften the noodles.


1 package kelp noodles
About half a package crimini mushrooms, chopped
A few tomatoes (the less watery, the better)
A clove or two of garlic
Olive oil
Fresh Basil
Sea salt and cayenne to taste


Rinse and break up the kelp noodles. Place them in a bowl with the mushrooms. Blend the remaining ingredients. Pour resulting sauce over the kelp noodles and mushrooms. Marinate for a half hour to a few hours. Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Raw Kelp Noodles with Mushroom Marinara

  1. Jordana

    Where do you buy your raw kelp noodles?

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