My Favorite Green Smoothie

Fav Green Smoothie

I make this pretty much every morning.  Or at least every morning until I run out of the ingredients, and then I make random other vegetable smoothies with whatever I happen to have in my fridge. But this particular combo is definitely my favorite green smoothie of all that I’ve tried–it tastes so refreshing.  In fact, I’m drinking it right now as I type this post.  A huge 5/5 happy monkeys.

For greens for this smoothie, I like to use (from most to least favorite): romaine/butter lettuce, green/red leaf lettuce, bok choy, spinach, kale. Don’t use mustard greens or dandalion greens–I’ve already made that mistake! Eeek!

Also, if you didn’t bother to go to the farmer’s market, buy 10 pounds of cucumbers and freeze them (the way I did last week), then you can use fresh and just throw in a few ice cubes for good measure.


Frozen Cucumbers
Fresh Mint
Young coconut water
Young coconut flesh


Throw all ingredients in vita mix with a little water. Mix, pour and enjoy!


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One response to “My Favorite Green Smoothie

  1. Sounds deliciously refreshing!

    Cheers to Green Smoothies,

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