Raw Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Raw Banana Ice Cream

Wow! Talk about easy and delicious.  Total 5/5 happy monkeys.


From Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen: Take two or three raw bananas, peel, chop and throw in the freezer.  Freeze up to two weeks.  Take them out and blend until soft and creamy.  Add ice to bulk it out if needed.  Also, you can add cocoa, carob or any other flavoring if you want.  We found raw cocoa to be a bit too bitter, and prefer the carob.

Next time: freeze the bananas before they get too ripe and sweet; try carob/mint flavoring.



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2 responses to “Raw Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

  1. Ann

    Hi –
    We make banana ice cream often. We call it “Monster Ice Cream”. I actually chop up bananas many times when they are not going to be eaten… makes sweeter ice cream. I buy them in bulk when on sale and chop them up then too. The bananas will keep in the freezer for a long while too.

    I toss in about 2 bananas worth with a cup of rice milk, a cup of fresh spinach and 1/4th of a fresh pineapple (give or take for thickness). My kids LOVE it! It is bright green and sweet. If we are out of those ingredients we experiment. Zuccini works well too. : )

    • No Food Dietician

      That sounds fantastic! I put spinach in my green smoothies pretty often, but never thought to put it in ice cream! Thanks for the idea.

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