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Raw Farmers’ Market Salad

Farmers' Market Salad

This is a delicious salad that my mom and I discovered at a farmers’ market sample stand.  We asked the farmer how he made it, bought all the ingredients and enjoyed it for dinner that evening.  It is simple and delicious — 4/5 happy monkeys for sure.

Sorry I don’t have all the proportions but we made this on the fly. I say keep chopping and mixing until it looks right! Make it in advance so it can marinate for a few hours for fullest flavor.


Ripe heirloom tomatoes
Red peppers
Cucumbers (we used the small pickling kind)
Red onion
Half a bunch cilantro
Sea salt
Juice of one lemon


Chop all the vegetables and herbs. Squeeze lemon juice over and sprinkle with sea salt.

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Raw Kelp Noodles with Mushroom Marinara

Kelp Noodles with Mushroom Marinara

Did I mention kelp noodles rock my world?  Yeah, I thought I might have.

But what’s even more impressive is that when I went back home for a business trip, my whole family loved this dish too–mom, brothers, sister, everybody.  And these folks are not raw foodies, so that’s saying something.

It is so easy to make too!   I literally made this at 7 in the morning before I jumped on a cross-country flight, it marinated while traversing the skies and when I arrived in Boston, everyone was clammering for a bite.  I think they would have eaten it all if they weren’t concerned about devouring my dinner before I got any.  This gets 5/5 happy monkeys from me and the fam!

This dish is best when it gets to sit and marinate, but for a quick fix, if you are not so concerned about it being raw, you can heat it up over the stove for a few minutes and it will soften the noodles.


1 package kelp noodles
About half a package crimini mushrooms, chopped
A few tomatoes (the less watery, the better)
A clove or two of garlic
Olive oil
Fresh Basil
Sea salt and cayenne to taste


Rinse and break up the kelp noodles. Place them in a bowl with the mushrooms. Blend the remaining ingredients. Pour resulting sauce over the kelp noodles and mushrooms. Marinate for a half hour to a few hours. Enjoy!


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My Favorite Green Smoothie

Fav Green Smoothie

I make this pretty much every morning.  Or at least every morning until I run out of the ingredients, and then I make random other vegetable smoothies with whatever I happen to have in my fridge. But this particular combo is definitely my favorite green smoothie of all that I’ve tried–it tastes so refreshing.  In fact, I’m drinking it right now as I type this post.  A huge 5/5 happy monkeys.

For greens for this smoothie, I like to use (from most to least favorite): romaine/butter lettuce, green/red leaf lettuce, bok choy, spinach, kale. Don’t use mustard greens or dandalion greens–I’ve already made that mistake! Eeek!

Also, if you didn’t bother to go to the farmer’s market, buy 10 pounds of cucumbers and freeze them (the way I did last week), then you can use fresh and just throw in a few ice cubes for good measure.


Frozen Cucumbers
Fresh Mint
Young coconut water
Young coconut flesh


Throw all ingredients in vita mix with a little water. Mix, pour and enjoy!

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Raw Broccoli Chowder

Raw Broccoli Soup

My first raw recipe!  I mean, not counting Gazpacho, salad and such things that I normally eat anyway, but the first one that I purposely made raw.  I based this on a recipe from Victoria Boutenko’s book 12 Steps to Raw Foods.  I was pretty excited about my first raw soup, a creamy one based on nuts no less, that I ate it happily.  However, it either didn’t keep well or I simply realized, once my excitement died down, that it tasted pretty odd.  I haven’t finished my leftovers and I can’t say I’d make it again.  I give it a lowly 2/5 happy monkeys.


1 cup walnuts (could use cashews as well)
2 cups water
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup chopped celery
1-2 cloves garlic
sea salt & cayenne pepper to taste
paprika or parsley for garnish


Blend one cup walnuts and one cup water until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients except for the garnish. Blend well.

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Raw Sushi

Raw SushiOnce again, here’s another recipe from Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food. As far as recipes go, this one is simple to write but fairly lengthy to implement. It felt like we were chopping and rolling all Saturday night! To be fair, we made way, way too much and had lots of leftovers.

Since soy sauce isn’t raw, I don’t like Bragg’s and Namu Shoyu isn’t gluten-free, I mixed up a quick raw dipping sauce. of sesame oil, lime juice, ginger and sea salt.  I do have to say that I think it would have been more delicious with a little soy sauce and cooking sherry though.

I give this a 3/5 happy monkeys. It’s yummy and I think there are lots of ways you could amend it to have fun with it – put pesto in, or mango. However, it’s very time consuming and at the end of it, I was full but not satisfied. My husband added canned chicken to his, so his were a little more filling. I think this would be fun for a party, especially one where the guests could make their own sushi, raw or not, but it’s too much work for daily living.


– Whatever vegetables you feel like chopping up into thin strips. We used cucumber, carrot, zucchini, basil, sprouts, green onions and avocado
– Nori sheets (make sure raw, not roasted)
– Cauliflower (we used half a head, and it was way more than enough for two people)

Dipping Sauce:

– Sesame oil
– Lime juice
– Ginger
– Sea Salt


Chop all veg except for cauliflower into thin strips. Blend cauliflower in food processor until it turns into little bits. It will remind you of white rice if you squint hard enough. Lay out a nori sheet on either a sushi roller or piece of saran wrap. Cover with a thin layer of cauliflower, leaving about an inch clear at the edge of the nori sheet. Lay out your veg in a line on top of the cauliflower. Roll up and wet the edge of the nori sheet to seal. Slice carefully into rolls. I recommend cutting with a serated knife in long slow strokes so as not to break the nori. Repeat as needed. Mix dipping sauce ingredients together, dip and enjoy.

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Raw Avocado Collard Wraps

Raw Collard WrapsRaw collard is the best thing ever for wraps. I can’t believe I’ve gone so long in my life without knowing how awesome it is. It sturdy deliciousness puts wimpy little lettuce leaves to shame.

My husband says I go through favorite greens the way Hollywood goes through celebrity scandals. A few months ago, kale rocked my world. Now, it’s collard. It’s not that I don’t love kale just as much–I do. I have enough room in my heart for both of them.

Anyway, I’ll wrap anything and everything up in collard.  In this pic, it was avocado, tomato, green onion, dill and red pepper pate. For lunch today, it was mushroom pate, avocado, tomato, sea salt and flax seed oil.  So yummy! A rockin’ 5/5 happy monkeys.

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Raw Sun Chips, aka Everybody’s Favorite Crackers

28 Sep 09 Update: I’ve upgraded these to 4/5 happy monkeys after making them again, thinner and with less onion this time, and much more delicious.  It’s probably the way they were supposed to be made in the first place.  They remind me of Sun Chips!  And just like chips, I have a hard time restraining myself from eating them all in one sitting!

Raw Sun Chips

Original 7 Aug 09 Post: This is a first – for the first time, I forgot to take a picture of the fruits of my labor! I guess I was so busy eating these crackers that I forgot to take pics!

I was looking for a cracker recipe to make with my new $5 craig’s-list dehydrator, but I didn’t have raw flax seeds so my options were a little limited.  I came across this recipe, entitled “Everybody’s Favorite Crackers,” from Victoria Boutenko.  How can you go wrong making something with that title?  It stands to reason that if they are everybody’s favorite, then they will be mine as well, as I am just one small part of everybody.

Unfortunately, I can’t say these live up to their name.  Although these crackers were delicious in an extremely oniony-kind of way, they weren’t my favorite.  Right now that distinction belongs to Go Raw’s Pizza-Flavor Flax Snax, which are absolutely amazing.  I want to reverse engineer their recipe and make them myself.  Of course, whenever I try such things it usually ends in disaster due to mismatched proportions, my incompetence, monkeys, etc. but for some reason, I still keep trying.

Since I didn’t have raw flax seeds, I did have to use a few tablespoons of roasted flax seeds, making these less than 100% raw.  I would have been more unhappy about that if my $5 dehydrator worked better.  However, since it likes to heat up to 130+ degrees, it’s unlikely anything I make in it is truly raw anyway.


1 cup soaked sunflower seeds
1 cup soaked walnuts
1 cup soaked almonds
1 tomato
1 cup red onion (chopped)
3 tablespoons flaxseed
3 teaspoons sesame seeds (original recipe calls for cumin seeds, but I didn’t have it)
2 teaspoons salt


Mix in food processor until creamy.  Spread thinly on parchment paper or TefIon sheets.  Cut into squares with a pizza cutter. They will be easier to break into pieces when dry.

Dehydrate for about 15 to 20 hours.

Rating: 3/5 happy monkeys

Next time: a tad less onion; raw flax; use a decent dehydrator with temperature control, take pic!

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