Make your own stock!

Making Stock

I love making stock.  Freaknoodles posted a fantastic recipe here, which basically boils down to this:  save all your vegetable ends from the week, throw them in a large pot, fill with filtered water and boil until done.  You can add salt/pepper/herbs to taste if you want.  Usually I let it boil for about an hour to an hour and a half, until the stock looks dark enough.  Then strain it through a mesh colander and save the liquid.  I usually do this about every two weeks. 

What’s usually in my stock?

– The green ends of leeks
– Broccoli and cauliflower ends
– Celery ends
– Leftover onion skins or whole onions if I have extra
– Leftover garlic clove ends/skins or whole garlic cloves if I have enough
– Red pepper tops
– Asparagus ends
– Fresh herbs that are no longer so fresh

You’ll notice I don’t use any carrots, potatoes or other starchy veg common to store-bought vegetable stock.  Not only is this a good way to use up those veg ends you would just throw away, so its very economical, but it is more anti-candida friendly as well.

I save all my peels, skins and end bits.  I wash them first, but don’t bother to peel, etc.  My husband has finally learned not to throw any vegetable bits into the trash anymore!

This is such an automatic part of my routine now that it has to get 5/5 happy monkeys.


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