Back to Basics

I always ask for copies of my medical records.  It’s information about me, so I feel entitled to it, and I always find out interesting and important things that my doctors don’t always communicate to me.  They always say things, like, “your test results look fine,” but then once you get a hold of the actual test results, you see that your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is out-of-range low and you have a bacterial infection that no one bothered to tell you about.  Which is exactly what happened to me recently.

Since the test results in question were over a month old, I decided to go to my favorite doctor, Dr. Melissa Huggins (I highly recommend her if you’re in the OC), to verify if the infection was still lingering.  Wouldn’t you know it, she called me back a few days later, and said that while the bacterial culture was still in process, the lab came back with a positive for candida yeast.  Oh yay.

So it seems like any progress I may have made during my months on the strict no sugar, no carb diet may have been deteriorated by my recent decision to start adding back some grains/fruits into my diet.   I probably should have guessed by the way my digestion/bladder symptoms were acting up again.

Candida 1, Me 0.

If I want to kick this yeast (and I do want to, badly), I’m going to have to take it back to basics and the ultra-restrictive candida diet.  That means, in addition to the No Food Diet as listed:

–          no vinegar
–          no mushrooms
–          no peanuts
–          no grains of any kind
–          no starchy/sugary veg, including potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots or beets
–          no sweeteners except for xylitol

I can do this.  Easy.  Bring it on.

Candida gets a big fat 0/5 happy monkeys.


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