My First Green Smoothie

My First Green Smoothie

As I was slurping down the delicious smoothie pictured at right, my husband asked me if I was planning on blogging about it.  Because if I was, I had better take a breather to take a picture.  Good thing he reminded me, or else I might have had to post a picture of an empty glass.  As you can see, it was already half empty!

Needless to say, my first green smoothie gets a strong 5/5 happy monkeys!

For all you that have yet to drink the raw kool-aid, let me tell you, it’s a lot yummier than it looks.  I know the green is a scary color, but the taste of the kale is pretty much drowned out by the strong sugary taste of the fruit.  It’s like a regular smoothie, only healthier and, well, more vibrantly colored.  Nothing to be afraid of.

It was delicious and a huge energy boost but I got such a hyper headrush from drinking the first half that I decided to put the rest in the fridge for later.  Here I am, 3 hours later, still wired.  Next time, I think I will use less fruit, more veg.  Too much sugar doesn’t agree with me.

My banana-mango-lemon-kale smoothie recipe:


– 1 banana
– equal amount frozen mango
– 3 good-sized lacinato kale leaves
– juice from half a lemon


Blend fruit first, then add kale, one leaf at a time until you’ve maxed out your veggie taste.  Slurp and enjoy!



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4 responses to “My First Green Smoothie

  1. Meg O'Morrow

    I’m a smoothie freak. We make them with lotsa fruit and gf NutriBiotic Spectrum shake. mmmm! This one looks yummy—and I love that straw!

  2. No Food Dietician

    Lotsa fruit does not agree with me unfortunately… too much sugar for the candida yeast to feed on. 😦

    the straws are from crate and barrel… they’re fantastic!

  3. I haven’t tried kale yet in my smoothies. I haven’t ventured outside of spinach…do you like one better than the other?

    • No Food Dietician

      Call me crazy, but I love kale! I only recently discovered it and now I eat it all the time. I’ve always eaten a lot of spinach, but Kale has even more beneficial properties. I’ll use spinach in my smoothies just to rotate greens, but my first choice is always kale – delicious and nutritious! I usually get Lacinato Kale – I’ve been told that it is the most nutritious of the Kales, along with being a little milder/less bitter. Try it and let me know what you think!

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