Hello world!

“Hello world!” I love it!  Just like the first program I wrote in BASIC back in ninth grade.  And that’s pretty much as far as I progressed in the computer programming department (unless you count a C in C++ in college but I wouldn’t since everything the prof said flew over my head.)

Anyway, this blog is definitely not about computer programming so I should probably stop that train of thought right there.  What is this blog about, you ask?  It’s about food:  the food I can’t eat, but more importantly, the food I can eat.  After a few years of my health plummeting downhill, I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy and had to stop eating all the things I love most in this world:  chevre, parmesan, ice cream, strawberry shortcake.  You get the picture.  I was actually diagnosed about a year before I finally sucked it up and cut these delicious items, along with all other dairy, from my diet.  This was quite a feat for me since I was already a vegetarian, had been since I was nine, so I didn’t eat any meat, poultry, fish or seafood, and I wasn’t about to start.  The effect wasn’t immediate but it was significant.  After a few months, my stomach pain, which had been been a daily, debilitating occurrence, was reduced by about 75%.  And my allergy symptoms – constantly runny nose, itchy, runny, red eyes, itchy palate – that I had been living with since I hit puberty so many years ago, they simmered down considerably.

Things were great.  But they weren’t all better.  My bladder, which I usually don’t like to talk about much in public, was not a happy camper.  I was having much too much burning, stinging pain after I went to the bathroom.  Something had to be done.

This diet was my answer, and I have to say, so far it has been fantastic for me.  Why did I go this route?  That, I will have to save for the next blog, as I am supposed to be getting ready to go to our friend’s welcome back party from Iraq tonight.  Gotta go give thanks to the heroes!


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